"During my 20 years as Head Athletic Trainer/Physical Therapist for the Jacksonville Jaguars, I trusted Dr. Robert Yant for the care of my players, staff, families, and myself. When it comes to the medical care for NFL players, time and quality are the top two priorities. With Dr. Yant, I knew both of those factors were always in his wheelhouse. He's the best!" - Mike Ryan PT, ATC,CES,PES


"I choose Dr. Robert Yant to finish healing of a wound after an infection & surgery by another podiatrist and wound Doctor. When the wound was not healed after 4 months of treatment, I decided to seek another opinion. Dr. Robert Yant's. Treatment lead to closure with healing within several weeks. He also removed a bundle of sutures that surfaced under the skin & another suture that surfaced. I should have had Dr. Yant perform the initial surgery for a torn Achilles Tendon, whom I highly recommend." -Judy Mantle


"Thank you so much for what you do! I look forward to seeing my pretty feet in sandals!" -Jeanne Goldman


"I am a nurse that works 10-12 hours on my feet. I have tendonitis and plantar fasciitis. I was in tears by the end of my shifts in pain. Dr. Yant is amazing! We tried orthotics, physical therapy, and medications. This January we did PRP, Platelet Rich Plasma. It has been a godsend. My pain has decreased from crying and a 10 to a 1 in the morning and maybe a 3-4 after working all day. I am older, and I've learned we don't bounce back as fast as I did when I was 20. My mood is so much better not being in pain like I was. Every day I am feeling improvement. Thank you Dr. Yant and his awesome staff. I recommend this to anyone who is in pain. There is relief. Don't wait as long as I did." -Lisa Matzen


"I have been going to Dr. Yant for years and always feel confident in his service....he always researches the problem and listens to you. " -Linda Lynn


"After having foot surgery for Plantar Fasciitis, I was in constant pain. The pain was far worse than before the surgery. I should have done more research on the procedure and the doctor. Dr Yant took the time to listen and evaluate the issues I was having. After conservative treatments hadn't helped my pain, he did a stem cell injection followed by PRP injections. (Platelet rich plasma) These injections exceeded my expectations. With PT that includes ultra sound, I am almost pain free. " - Caroline M.