Stem Cell Procedure  & PRP Treatment in  Jacksonville, FL

To further your healing, it is essential that you use the proper treatment like the bone marrow aspiration procedure for instance. When you are in need of a specialized form of stem cell therapy or arthroscopy for your condition, Robert Yant, D.P.M. John Anderson, D.P.M. is here to assist you. At our facility we specialize in podiatry treatments in Jacksonville, FL. Our goal is to deliver the leading standard of care for each of our patients.

Biologic Treatment for Increased Healing

Sometimes, it is important to go further than a traditional procedure for your treatment. From diabetics with chronic ulcers to athletes with torn tendons, biologics can have a positive impact on the lives of nearly any patient. We use everything from amniotic skin graphs and tendon graphs to platelet rich plasma to provide you with superior healing for your condition.

At our clinic, we are one of the only locations in Jacksonville to offer these unique services. These remedies are proven to be effective for a range of conditions and disorders.

Using Our Stem Cell & PRP Treatment in Jacksonville, FL

How can your own body be used to heal an injured spot? Through the use of stem cell therapy and PRP treatment, our specialists can now help your body recover within a much shorter time. Whether you are afraid of undergoing surgery or traditional treatments have not worked effectively, PRP and stem cell procedure offers the solution you need.

During your bone marrow therapy, we withdraw stem cells from your bone marrow. These cells are then re-injected into your injured tissue, enhancing the natural repair process for tendons, ligaments, and arthritic joints. It is a natural solution that speeds up the healing process while delivering the relief you need.

Contact us to undergo stem cell therapy or a PRP inection as a patient at our facility in Jacksonville, Florida. We offer arthroscopy and other healing techniques for patients throughout the area.ost